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Sirencore Jewelry



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lure anyone under your spell with our natural abalone shell necklace…

available in 2 lengths : 18” and 24” perfect for layering together or with your other sirencore jewelry pieces 

The abalone shell is considered to be the healing crystal of the sea. wearing abalone shell jewelry helps you to connect with the power of the water element. which is a subtle, yet powerful energy. This energy helps to guard you against negative vibes, whether they stem from your inner critic or from other kinds of darkness that may enter your personal space. When you wear Abalone Shell jewelry, you have a constant flow of its protective properties. 

handmade from natural shells and our dainty waterproof, tarnish free titanium steel gold chain. 

each Sirencore Jewelry piece is 100% handmade and unique therefore each piece will look slightly different to one another in color, size, shape, etc. 

As all Sirencore Jewelry is made from natural materials from the earth and oceans, please be kind and gentle with your pieces, they are fragile and delicate. Handle with love and cherish your treasures. 

Please allow up to a week for your sirencore treasures to be handcrafted and ready to be shipped out to you.༄


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